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Spartans never die, they're just missing in action.

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You can tell what my favorite color is


You can tell what my favorite color is



I actually believe artists and scientists think very similarly. Complex, abstract thought? They both have that down. It’s all about where that thinking takes you after that.

Words cannot describe how much I love this post.

Favorite Fan Animation (1/3) – Team 7 Reunites
You disappoint me, Sasuke.” | Dedicated to Ana



Thanks so much to everyone who came out to Wonderland Tattoo for our grand opening party!  We spend the day tattooing our asses off and donated all of our proceeds for the day to Outside In’s needle exchange program!  This is a vital, lifesaving program designed to protect, educate, and even SAVE the lives of people struggling with addiction!  The Outside In needle exchange program is one of the first and only programs in the nation to educate nonprofit members in the use of life-saving drugs in the event of overdose!  Thanks again everyone who supports Wonderland, AND Portland nonprofits! 

(tattoos by ALL OF US!  landscape from Alice Kendall, cattoo by Kirsten Holliday, starfish by Sean Wright, teeth, hellebore, and fox skull by Alice Carrier, Filbert and Swift by Kirsten Holliday!)

I am so proud to be a member of this crew.  Thanks everyone!!! <3


Harry James and His Orchestra // It’s Been a Long, Long Time 

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